Rivista di studi antichi

Diretta da Pia de Fidio (resp.), Valeria Gigante Lanzara, Antonio Rigo

1946, cm 15,5 x 23

ISBN: id-6661

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Since its foundation over seventy years ago – in 1946 – by Giovanni Pugliese Carratelli with the publisher Gaetano Macchiaroli, the Parola del Passato has maintained its scientific rigour and serious intents, as witnessed by even its oldest issues and a study perspective in which investigation of the ancient world goes hand in hand with a desire to interpret the present.
From the very beginning, the journal, which Benedetto Croce defined as “one of the most prestigious established in Italy at the end of the war”, has been interdisciplinary in nature, accepting articles and notes on the subjects of ancient history, philology, literature and linguistics, archaeology and the history of ancient art. Its thematic and temporal horizon extends from the Greek and Roman world to the Near and Middle East, and from the civilizations of the Bronze Age to those of the classical era, Late Antiquity and the Byzantine period. It boasts numerous monographic issues and volumes, on “Ancient Naples”, “Archaic Latium and the Greek World”, “Velia and the Phocaeans in the West”, ancient Persia, archaic Greece, the civilization of the Hurrians and many others that have marked the history of studies on the ancient world. Among its regular columns, the one entitled “Texts and Monuments” stands out, as it has often published previously unknown inscriptions and other documents.
Directed by Pia Margherita De Fidio, Valeria Gigante Lanzara and Antonio Rigo, La Parola del Passato continues to be published by Olschki.

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