Architetture per i principi della Chiesa
Committenze in Roma 1400-1700

A cura di Flavia Cantatore

2023, cm 17 x 24, x-228 pp. con 93 figg. bn n.t.

ISBN: 9788822268990

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From the early to the late modern age, Rome became the privileged setting of a lively exchange among those who participated, in various capacities, in the extraordinary architectural endeavor of which the Curia was the protagonist. Papal and cardinal commissions called on numerous architects, artists, and craftsmen, from Rome and beyond, to engage in a wealth of remarkable projects concerning the papal citadel, the Borgo and Rome in general, whose architectural expression was becoming more reminiscent of an internationally prominent court. Various thematic areas are addressed in this volume, which presents a collection of significant case studies.

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