(IL) PENSIERO POLITICO. Indice generale dei volumi XXXVI-L (2003-2017)

Rivista di Storia delle Idee Politiche e Sociali
Diretta da Vittor Ivo Comparato

2018, cm 17 x 24, 84 pp.

ISBN: 9788822266033

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Founded in Perugia in October 1967 by a group of scholars interested to a radical renewal of the history of political thought, the first issue of the Review was published at the beginning of 1968 and, with the publication of the third issue of 2017, has celebrated 50 years of life. Together with the two general indexes completed up to now for the 1968-1992 and the 1993-2002 periods, now with the third period (2003-2017) we have evidence of the enormous effort made in view of the various deadlines and of the most important monographic issues.

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