A Portuguese Abbot in Renaissance Florence
The letter collection of Gomes Eanes (1415-1463)

Edited by Rita Costa-Gomes

2017, cm 17 x 24, xlviii-580 pp. con 1 fig. n.t. English Text

ISBN: 9788822265166

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An annotated edition of the letters received in Italy by Gomes Eanes, a Portuguese at the head of the Badia Fiorentina (Monastery of Santa Maria of Florence) between 1419 and 1439. These texts provide detailed record of the abbot’s activities and communication with men and women from different parts of Europe. An introductory study discusses his life and career, the archival origins of the collection, and letter-writing in the 1400s.

Rita Costa-Gomes
Rita Costa Gomes is Professor of History at Towson University (USA), where she teaches Medieval and Renaissance history. A historian of Medieval Portugal with strong interests in Iberian and Mediterranean history, she published in book form the first complete study of the royal court of Portugal (Portuguese version 1995, English version 2003), two volumes on the history of the Portuguese frontiers, and a biography of king Fernando I (r. 1367-1383). She collaborates in the project for the English edition of the works of historian Fernão Lopes (c. 1380- c.1460). Some of her recent articles are available at www.academia.edu.
Rita Costa Gomes est Professeur d’Histoire à l’Université de Towson (États-Unis) où elle enseigne l’Histoire du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance. Spécialiste du Portugal au Bas Moyen Âge, elle s’intéresse aussi à l’histoire de la Péninsule Ibérique et de la Méditerranée. Parmi ses livres se comptent une étude d’ensemble de la cour des rois du Portugal (version portugaise 1995, version anglaise 2003), deux volumes sur l’histoire des frontières portugaises, et la biographie du roi Fernando I (r. 1367-1383). Elle collabore dans l’édition anglaise en cours des oeuvres du chroniqueur Fernão Lopes (c. 1380- c. 1460). Un choix de ses articles récents se trouve dans www.academia.edu. - (agosto 2017) -

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