The «Baroulkos» and the «Mechanics» of Heron

A cura di Giuseppina Ferriello, Maurizio Gatto, Romano Gatto

2016, cm 17 x 24, 434 pp. con 182 figg. n.t.

ISBN: 9788822264275

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The new critical edition of Heron’s Mechanics, here presented with all its sources, is the consequence of the unexpected discovery of four Persian manuscripts, which opened an unexplored field research and offered new perspectives, both of philological and scientific character, in interpreting this text. Besides, contrary to what is thought, the analysis has revealed the possibility that some Italian scientists of the Renaissance could have known, totally or partially this important work by Heron.

Giuseppina Ferriello
Giuseppina Ferriello graduated with a degree in Architecture (1980) and in Persian language and literature (1993). She also holds a PhD in Iranian studies and is the author of more than thirty publications, mainly on medieval Persian science, including G. Ferriello, L’estrazione delle acque nascoste, Trattato tecnico-scientifico di Karagi, matematico-ingegnere persiano (Turin: Kim Williams Books, 2007. - (marzo 2016) -

Maurizio Gatto
Maurizio Gatto has a PhD in Classical Philology. At the Max Planck Institute for History of Science in Berlin, he was appointed to study several aspects of the commentaries on Mechanical Questions by the Pseudo-Aristotle. He is the author of various works on the history of the poliorcetics, among which M. Gatto, Il “Perì mechanematon” di Ateneo meccanico. Edizione critica, traduzione, commento e note (Rome: Aracne, 2010). - (marzo 2016) -

Romano Gatto
Romano Gatto is a historian of Mathematics. Until 2010 he was Professor of the History of Mathematics and Complementary Mathematics with the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Basilicata. He has taken part in various international research projects, particularly on the History of Mechanics. He is the author of many works, including R. Gatto, Tra scienza e immaginazione. Le matematiche presso il Collegio gesuitico napoletano (1552-1670 ca.) (Florence: Olschki, 1994); R. Gatto, La meccanica a Napoli ai tempi di Galileo. In appendice De Gli Elementi Mechanici di Colantonio Stigliola e le inedite Mechaniche mie di Davide Imperiali (Naples: La Città del Sole, 1996); Galileo Galilei “Le Mecaniche”. Edizione critica e saggio introduttivo di Romano Gatto (Florence: Olschki, 2002. - (marzo 2016) -

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