Gai codex rescriptus
in Bibliotheca Capitulari Ecclesiae Cathedralis Veronensis

Photographice iterum expressus
Curavit Philippus Briguglio

2012, cm 21,5 x 29, viii-324 pp. a colori (facsimile del manoscritto originale). Rilegato in seta.

ISBN: 9788822261724

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The Codex Rescriptus XV natural process of deterioration threatened to deprive the scholars of the access to this precious document. Through the collaboration between a group of Italian researchers and Filippo Briguglio, who carefully studied the text under a palaeographic point of view, the Gai Codex Rescriptus is finally available in a perfect photographic reproduction, created with the help of the most modern tools of digital acquisition and processing.

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