Annibale, Torino e «Annibale in Torino»

Atti della giornata di studi (Torino, 22 febbraio 2007)
A cura di Alberto Rizzuti

2009, cm 17 x 24, x-246pp. con es. mus. e 1 fig. n.t. e 21 tavv. f.t. a col.

ISBN: 9788822258373

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The volume examines the context and origins of a musical play about the siege of Taurasia, the first city Hannibal encountered after crossing the Alps. «Annibale in Torino», with verses by Jacopo Durandi and music by Giovanni Paisiello, was performed at the Royal Theatre in Turin during the Carnival season in 1771, before Leopold and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A. Rizzuti provided a modern edition of the music score in 2006.

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