Ludovico Ariosto

Orlando Furioso
Secondo la ‘princeps’ del 1516

Edizione critica a cura di Marco Dorigatti

2006, cm 17 x 24, clxxxii-1074 pp. con 2 figg. n.t. e 1 tav. f.t. a colori, taglio dorato. Rilegato.

ISBN: 9788822255761

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After a period of extraordinary success, the Poem disappeared and was replaced by the last 1532 edition, totally different in framework and language. Through the study of the 12 copies scattered around the world, the editor finally provides us with a critical edition which, more than any other edition, is consistent with the manuscript it derives from. Thus we can verify that the linguistic quality is absolutely different from the Tuscan flavour of the far more successful 1532 edition.

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