Charles Baudelaire

I fiori del male

Traduzione con testo a fronte
a cura di C. Muscetta. Presentazione di G. Savoca
Polinnia, vol. 8

2005, cm 17 x 24, 410 pp.

ISBN: 9788822254276

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Reprint of Carlo Muscetta's Italian translation of Les Fleurs du Mal, a key text in the history of Baudelaire's reception in Italy. In the introduction, Giuseppe Savoca emphasizes how a great love for Baudelaire and the constant study of this masterpiece over a fifty-year period were an integral part of Muscetta's life . His Italian version is an «imitation» in the Leopardian sense and, at the same time, a testimony to the modernity of one of the great fathers of European lyric poetry.

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