Pietro Vinci

Quattordeci Sonetti Spirituali della illustrissima et eccellentissima divina Vittoria Colonna
messi in canto a cinque voci (1580)

A cura di G. Patti

2002, cm 24 x 34, xxiv-102 pp. con 8 tavv. f.t.

ISBN: 9788822251152

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This work is the fifth of seven volumes of Vinci’s five-part madrigals that intones the verses of Victoria the famous aunt of Marc Antonio Colonna, at the time viceroy of Sicily, dedicating it to his daughter. Vinci favours the nobility of verse and sublimity of subjects: with the same wondrous intensity Victoria’s sonnets, conceived in spiritual communion with Michelangelo who gave her two drawings (reproduced in the volume itself) come to life in Vinci’s polyphony.