Corpus dei papiri filosofici greci e latini
Testi e lessico nei papiri di cultura greca e latina. Parte IV, 1. Indici (I.1)

(Accademia toscana di scienze e lettere «La Colombaria» ~ Union Académique Internationale ~ Unione Accademica Nazionale)

2002, cm 17 x 24, x-164 pp.

ISBN: 9788822251046

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Concluding the first part of the «Corpus dei Papiri Filosofici», part I.1, «Filosofi A-Z», is this index of Greek words stated in those texts lacking Medieval tradition or in the papyri that are a source of indirect tradition of the authors. An essential instrument of research that completes an opera considered a point of reference by scholars all over the world.

Corpus of Greek and Latin Philosophical Papyri. Texts and Lexicon

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