La formazione storica della alterità
Studi di storia della tolleranza nell’età moderna offerti a Antonio Rotondò

Tomo I, secolo XVI - Tomo II, secoloXVII - Tomo III, secolo XVIII
Promossi da H. M├ęchoulan, R. H. Popkin, G. Ricuperati, L. Simonutti

2001, cm 17 x 24, 3 tomi di xxii-1230 pp. raccolti in cofanetto.

ISBN: 9788822250575

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Rather than a clear cut overall vision of tolerance this work proposes important research of its progressive growth intended as a slow historical formation of alterity in which one of the greatest distinguishing moral features of modern man is defined. Given the complexity and the duration of the historical process examined space has been given to collateral themes to the debate on tolerance such as universalistic concepts of religion, irenic trends, awareness of non European civilisations, the struggles for freedom of conscience.

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