Giulio Sabbatini

Ager Venusinus I
Mezzana del Cantore (IGM 175 II SE)

2001, cm 24,5 x 34, 108 pp. con 55 ill. n.t., 9 tavv. f.t. e 1 pieghevole a colori.

ISBN: 9788822250490

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Within the ambit of historical topographic research in the area of Vulture, this book with its graphic and photographic evidence, provides a valid contribution to the survey of the territory situated to the North of the Latin colony of Venusia, between the Venusian hills and the valley of Ofanto, fitting into an editorial programme that already counts the publication of the urban area and its hinterland (Marchi-Sabbatini, Venusia, 1996) and is to be completed with the entire colonial district.

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