Giovan Battista Ferrari

Flora overo cultura di fiori

Riproduzione in facsimile
a cura e con introduzione di L. Tongiorgi Tomasi. Testi di A. Campitelli e M. Zalum

2001, cm 17 x 24, lvi-566 pp. con 46 figg. n.t.

ISBN: 9788822250483

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One of the most refined products of sixteenth century publishing for the impressive iconographical display prepared by artists in vogue at the time, the Jesuit Father Giovan Battista Ferrari’s «De Florum Cultura», was published in Rome in 1633 translated into Italian was reprinted in 1638 with the title «Flora overo cultura di fiori». This is the version proposed today in an anastatic edition preceded by three introductive essays by scholars of garden history.

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