Petra Martin Al-Awadhi

The Seven Pavilions

2001, cm 17 x 24, xii-128 pp. con 12 tavv. f.t. a colori.

ISBN: 9788822250155

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A romanced version of the Iranian poet Nezami’s epic «Haft Paikar» (12th –13th century) and its precious manuscript of 16th century Shiraz. The life of the Sassanian king Bahram Gur and his visits to the pavilions of the 7 princesses, his wives, on different days of the week, represent an allegory of Muslim mysticism or Sufi’s way towards Redemption and Salvation through Reason and Love. At the end the author examines this manuscript, its binding and the miniatures finding the thread which links the 12th –13th century Sufi metaphysics to the Safavid period of 16th century Iran.
English Text.

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