Teatro e spettacolo nella Firenze dei Medici
Modelli dei luoghi teatrali

A cura di E. Garbero Zorzi e M. Sperenzi

2001, cm 17 x 24, 222 pp. con 68 ill. in b.n. e 49 a col.

ISBN: 9788822249920

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More than just a mere exhibition catalogue, these are the considerations of some of the most important Italian scholars (E. Garbero Zorzi, P. Ventrone, C. Molinari, L. Alberti, S. Mamone) on the development and implications of «theatrical place» and the Florentine areas where this became operative. The volume comprises a rich iconography section fully illustrated by M. Alberti, E. Garbero Zorzi, A. M. Testaverde, L. Zangheri and a thorough bibliography (B. Appella).

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