Warren Kirkendale

Emilio de’ Cavalieri «Gentiluomo romano»
His Life and Letters, His Role as Superintendent of all the Arts at the Medici Court, and His Musical Compositions

With addenda to «L’Aria di Fiorenza» and «The Court Musicians in Florence»

2001, cm 17 x 24, 552 pp. con 56 tavv. f.t. di cui 12 a col. Rilegato.

ISBN: 9788822249692

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I. The Roman Family De’ Cavalieri ~ II. The Immediate Family (The Father Tommaso and Michelangelo Buonarroti – The Nephews and Nieces) ~ III. Cavalieri in Rome and Florence. Correspondence and Conclaves ~ IV. Cavalieri as Superintendent of all the Arts and Crafts in Florence ~ V. Cavalieri and Organ Building (Instruments for Rome, Florence, Pratolino, and Pisa — Enharmonic Experiments) ~ VI. Music for Weddings at the Court of the Medici (Intermedi of 1589 – «Dialogo di Giunone e Minerva» 1600) ~ VII. The Earliest Operas: Cavalieri’s Three Pastorals, 1590-1595 ~ VIII. Liturgical Music: Lamentations and Responsories ~ IX. «Rappresentazione di Anima e Corpo» (The Holy Year 1600) – The Performance in the Oratory of Filippo Neri –The Dedication – The Libretto: Its Author and Editions – Antecedents of the Libretto – The Preface – The Composition) ~ Eight appendices (libretto, letters and documents, genealogy, addenda to previous books), three bibliographies, two indices.

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