Alfredo Cadonna

«Quali parole vi aspettate che aggiunga?»
Il «Commentario al Daodejing» di Bai Yuchan, maestro taoista del XIII secolo

2001, cm 15 x 21, xvi-198 pp. con 11 tavv. f.t. di cui 1 a col.

ISBN: 9788822249593

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The first translation of the traditional «Commentary to the Daodejing» by the Taoist master, poet and calligrapher Bai Yuchan. The presentation of the commentary – considered «too direct» even by some of Bai’s contemporary exegetes – as well as the notes on the main doctrinal themes in it – reveal the true nature of a work whose metaphysical significance cannot be reduced to an interpretation of «Laozi» in terms of «interior alchemy».
(In Italian, with English and Chinese summaries).

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