Guido d’Arezzo monaco pomposiano

Atti dei Convegni di Studio (Codigoro, Ferrara, Abbazia di Pomposa, 3 ottobre 1997 - Arezzo, Biblioteca della Città di Arezzo 29-30 maggio 1998)
A cura di A. Rusconi

2000, cm 17 x 24, x-294 pp. con 4 figg. n.t., 1 tav. f.t. in b.n. e 4 a colori.

ISBN: 9788822249548

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The proceedings of two conferences organized at Pomposa and Arezzo for the conventional 1000th anniversary of Guido of Arezzo’s birth represent the largest contribution on the great medieval theorist after the monography by J. Smits van Waesberghe. Guido’s biography and his theoretical and paedagogic activities are placed in the historical and cultural background of his time: opening new prospects of study, not only in the field of musicology.

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