Maria Fubini Leuzzi

«Condurre a onore»
Famiglia, matrimonio e assistenza dotale a Firenze in età moderna

1999, cm 15 x 21, 316 pp. con 4 tavv. f.t. in b. e n., 4 tavv f.t. e 1 pieghevole a colori.

ISBN: 9788822247780

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Charity dowries - a lesser known form of almsgiving widely practised in past centuries - have been a major tool used by Church and princes to encourage matrimony and to give the modern family a more solid structure. This volume describes the methods of dowry distribution and their evolution in time, on the basis of examination of the confraternities’ archives; it analyses the work of scholars who propounded this practice and lists 14th-17th century Florentine synodal rubrics on the subject of matrimony.

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