Pierpaolo Luderin

L’Art Pompier
Immagini, significati, presenze dell’altro Ottocento francese (1860-1890)

1997, cm 15 x 21, 196 pp. con 134 ill. f.t.

ISBN: 9788822245595

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Two ways of intending and creating art were substantially compared between 1860 and 1890; one, ascending and innovative, supported by various «independent» artists the other, still in great favour, firmly bound to tradition.
The volume analyses the tension and opposition between the two trends but also the contacts, the revival, the reciprocal loans, thoroughly examining the causes of «defeat», the 'pompiers', their models, techniques and theories of reference, dwelling upon the more significant figures and, by means of an ample cross-section, verifying the outcomes, frequently full of influence and interest.

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