Claudio Pizzorusso - Silvia Lucchesi

Libero Andreotti
Trent’anni di vita artistica. Lettere allo scultore

1997, cm 21,5 x 30, 352 pp. con 136 ill. f.t. Rilegato.

ISBN: 9788822245533

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The reconstruction of a vast network of intellectual and emotional bonds between many of the greater personalities of 20th century art and culture (from Chini and De Carolis to Carrà, Ponti and Piacentini, from Vittorio Pica to Ugo Ojetti, from Verhaeren to Paul Fort to Montale and Cardarelli, from Ida Rubistein to Pirandello) allows us to view the figure of this artist in a new light, open to European prospectives be it during the years of the Parisian ‘belle époque’ be it in the years of Italian autarchy, and always well-disposed towards every form of expression from literature to dance to cinema.

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