Pierlorenzo La Penna

La fortezza e la città
Buonaiuto Lorini, Giulio Savorgnan e Marcantonio Martinengo a Palma (1592-1600)

1997, cm 17 x 24, 208 pp. con 8 ill. n.t. e 4 f.t.

ISBN: 9788822244956

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The reconstruction of the controversy that took place in Venice beginning in 1580, regarding the choice of location of the fortress city Palmanova and the project of the fortress itself; the debate continued, often in a harsh manner, and during the actual execution of the project starting from 1592, on how the fortified walls were to be erected around the city. The many suggestive appendices extend the horizon linking up the controversy to the cultural orientation of the Venetian noblesse and of those intellectuals who collaborated with it.

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