Tomaso Garzoni

La piazza universale di tutte le professioni del mondo

A cura di G.B. Bronzini

1996, cm 17 x 24, 2 tomi di xlviii-1424 pp. con 74 ill. f.t.

ISBN: 9788822243966

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Interest and curiosity are again provoked by the freshness, verve and sharp idiosyncrasy with which Garzoni illustrates the characteristics and peculiarities of more than five hundred professions and crafts. An eccentric and not very constructive product of a 16th century polygraph or a technical revelation ideologically inclined towards a new social vision? An encyclopaedic accumulation of historical, technical, demoanthropological and lexical information, on the most varied conditions of mans 'being busy' or a suggestive proposal of a union between classes and harmony among the working forces?

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