Richard Fremantle

God and Money
Florence and the Medici in the Renaissance

Including Cosimo I's Uffizi and its Collections

1992, cm 15 x 21, 66 pp. con 70 tavv. f.t.

ISBN: 9788822239396

Quarta ristampa 2008.

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Richard Fremantle
Richard Fremantle is an art historian, and a historian of the Florentine Renaissance who has lived in Florence and Tuscany for many years. Fremantle grew up in New York City, and was trained at Columbia University, with Otto Brendel and Meyer Schapiro as teachers. He has published many articles, particularly about Masaccio and the early Renaissance. His books include, Florentine Painting in the Uffizi, a study on the development of Renaissance painting, Florentine Gothic Painters, the standard work on painting and painters between Giotto and Masaccio, Masaccio, a study of the painter’s work and influence, and God and Money, the Italian version of which is described above. Fremantle is also the founder of FFAST, (Fondazione Fremantle per Artisti Stranieri in Toscana), a collection of work by foreign artists who have worked in Tuscany in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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