Piante di popoli e strade
Capitani di parte guelfa (1580-1595). Archivio di stato di Firenze

A cura di G. Pansini. Indici a cura di G.C. Garfagnini, L. Branca e M. Barbarulo

1989, cm 32 x 43, 2 voll. di 652 pp. con 574 riproduzioni a col. Rilegati in tela.

ISBN: 9788822236401

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By means of full-color reproductions the edition proposes a «corpus» of exceptional value and importance in the field of geocartographic production at the end of the Sixteenth century. It deals with the first systematic attempt to obtain a scale atlas of the territory comprising the Florentine countryside.
The two volumes begin with an extensive historic introduction by G. Pansini and cartographer L. Rombai. Both volumes are furnished with ample indexes which provide for ease of consultation. Splendid maps, in addition to the thoroughfares and water ways, the villages, villas, churches, monasteries, country houses, tabernacles etc. are faithfully reproduced in assonometric drawings, in a context which has survived to present day.

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