Studi pucciniani. Vol. 5
Rassegna periodica sulla musica e sul teatro musicale nell'epoca di Giacomo Puccini

Dalla genesi delle opere alla ricezione nel film
A cura di Virgilio Bernardoni e Peter Ross

2018, cm 17 x 24, 288 pp. con 11 figg. n.t. e 20 es. mus.

ISBN: 9788822265722

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The book investigates the variety of approaches and maturity of judgement of current studies of Puccini. The contributions offered by musicology and studies on cinema, librettos and operatic philology, with comparisons between drama and literature, investigate the trajectories of the poetics, publishing traditions of scores and the creative choices of the composer’s full maturity, the perspectives of critics (taking a close look at Schönberg), and the reflections of budding cinematography on Puccini’s works and their influence on twentieth-century film.

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