Carattere e ruolo delle fabbriche cittadine fino all'inizio dell'età moderna

Atti della tavola rotonda (Villa I Tatti, Firenze, 3 aprile 1991)
A cura di M. Haines e L. Riccetti

1996, cm 17 x 24, xxvi-426 pp. Rilegato.

ISBN: 9788822244048

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‘Opera’, ‘opus’, ‘fabbrica’ as initiative of the two most important citizen forces, the Commune and the Church, in the construction or the re-building throughout the centuries of public buildings - often for worship- singling out the artistic committence, the organizing body and the means available. The outcome is comparable to the political and social evolution of Medieval cities sparking off a civic ideal from which emerges the concept of unitary aspiration for citizen regulations. The work of several expert scholars comprising an impotant comparison on the historical-urbanistic and institutional relationships within the limits of the most significant works realized in the Middle Ages.

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